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[10/06/2014] The Samson and Delilah ink sketch – cutting Rubens to the quick

[06/06/2014] Sistina Progress and Tate Transgressions

[08/05/2014] Connoisseurship: The Making, Appraising, Replicating and Undoing of Art’s Images

[13/04/2014] How the Metropolitan Museum of Art gets hold of the world’s vulnerable treasures

[07/04/2014] How ‘good taste’ destroyed art

[24/03/2014] From Veronese to Turner, Celebrating Restoration-Wrecked Pictures

[13/03/2014] Mantegna’s Dead Christ : They Know Not What They Do

[24/02/2014] Good Science; Over-Reaching Science; Over-Promoted Science.

[07/02/2014] From the Horse’s Mouth: Seventy years of worthless “science”

[04/02/2014] The Futurist Louvre and Leonardo’s Fate: nothing ventured, nothing lost

[20/01/2014] The Fate of Sculptures.

[06/01/2014] New Year Report ~ Assaults on History.

[12/12/2013] The Twilight of a God: Virtual Reality in the Vatican.

[25/11/2013] Bubbles burst.

[11/11/2013] A Poor Day of Remembrance for Burrell

[30/1/2013] Art and Photography

[14/10/2013] Barnes, Burrell and a Beck Memorial Lecture

[24/09/2013] Betraying Burrell – Shame on Glasgow

[6-8/09/2013] Protecting the Burrell Collection

[26/08/2013] Destroying archives

[30/07/2013] Review: Farewell, then, Fine Old Sindie Arts Coverage

[11/07/2013] Review: Who Cleaned the Queen’s Windows?

[01/07/2013] Review: Ways of Showing – or not

[21/06/2013] Review: The Unobservant Eye – Mr. Collier’s Letter Racks

[27/05/2013] The Sistine Chapel Restorations, Part III: Cutting Michelangelo Down to Size

[28/03/2013] The Sistine Chapel Restorations, Part II – CODA: Responses to Evidence of Injuries

[04/03/2013] The Sistine Chapel Restorations, Part II: Taking a Michelangelo Sibyl Apart

[21/01/2013] Sistine Chapel Restorations, Part I: Setting the Scene, Packing Them In

[10/01/2013] ArtWatch Stock-taking and the Sistine Chapel Conservation Debacle

[17/12/2012] “Pick Up A Pencil” – A Photograph is a Copy not a Creation

[12/11/2012] Frankenweenie – A Black and White Michelangelo for Our Times

[04/10/2012] The Battle of Borja: Cecilia Giménez… and Great Women Conservators

[30/08/2012] The “World’s worst restoration” and the Death of Authenticity

[02/08/2012] Reviews: Taking Renoir, Sterling and Francine Clark to the Cleaners

[18/07/2012] L.O.L. It’s Peeping Tom Time at the National Gallery!

[11/07/2012] Review: Stone-washed Renoirs and the Shock of the Undone

[12/06/2012] The Louvre’s “Virgin and St Anne” versus the National Gallery’s “Virgin of the Rocks”

[01/06/2012] Review: Renoir at the Frick – Photographic Blindspots

[15/05/2012] Review: Deadly Docents, Dirty Varnish and a Big Educational Push at the Frick

[28/04/2012] Rocking the Louvre: the Bergeon Langle Leonardo Restoration Disclosures

[08/04/2012] Another Restored Leonardo, Another Sponsored Celebration…

[23/03/2012] Black is a colour

[14/03/2012] The Perpetual Restoration of Leonardo’s Last Supper, Part 2: “a different Leonardo”

[28/02/2012] Shedding archival records at the Tate and the Victoria and Albert Museum

[08/02/2012] The Perpetual Restoration of Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’ – Part 1

[26/01/2012] What Price a Smile: The Louvre Leonardo Mouths that are Now at Risk

[04/01/2012] The Louvre Leonardo Restoration Committee Resignations

[02/01/2012] Cosmetically Altered Leonardo at the National Gallery

[19/12/2011] The Prado’s New Fundacion Iberdrola Sponsored Velazquezs

[24/11/2011] The National Gallery’s £1.5bn Leonardo Restoration

[29/10/2011] Is St Paul’s Cathedral fit for purpose?

[12/10/2011] Applying recreated authenticity to historic buildings

[05/10/2011] Sir’s not always right

[22/09/2011] A conservation appeal too far: Sophie Dahl’s public relations disaster

[08/09/2011] The Controversial Treatments of the Wallace Collection Watteaus

[17/08/2011] From Annigoni to Banksy: Crimes against Art and Architecture

[11/08/2011] Dicing with Art and Earning Approval

[25/07/2011] Lucian Freud’s blast against picture restorers and an artist’s appreciation

[20/07/2011] Attacked Poussins at the National Gallery

[17/07/2011] Leonardo, Poussin and Turner: Developments in London and Krakow

[11/07/2011] Questions and Grey Answers on the Tate’s stolen Turners

[05/07/2011] Technical Problems of Health and Safety at St Paul’s Cathedral

[01/06/2011] A Modernist Makeover at St Paul’s Cathedral

[20/04/2011] John Singer Sargent and ‘filthy’ conservation studio losses

[13/04/2011] Vandalism, ethics and the case of Rodin’s Dutch ‘Thinker’

[06/04/2011] Thomas Eakins: A suitable case for treatment?

[01/04/2011] Misreading Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling

[26/03/2011] David Hockney, an art historian and misreading visual evidence

[17/03/2011] Why art conservation is not always a good thing

[09/03/2011] The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fear of disclosures on picture cleaning

[25/02/2011] Secrecy and Unaccountability at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.

[19/02/2011] Silence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.

[08/02/2011] The European Commission’s way of moving art around

[02/02/2011] The European Commission runs risks in lending works of art

[27/01/2011] The National Gallery’s vindication of Sir Ernst Gombrich

[23/01/2011] In Memoriam: Thomas Molnar (1921-2010)

[20/01/2011] Shifting contours in Met Museum photographs

[16/01/2011] Museum world acceptance of virtual reality

[10/01/2011] The National Gallery’s online photographic reproductions

[08/01/2011] The Kecks’ Restoration of Renoir’s ‘The Luncheon of the Boating Party’

[29/12/2010] ArtWatch’s response to a double attack

[28/12/2010] Undoing and re-doing a Veronese masterpiece at the Louvre Museum

[21/12/2010] Romanian Heritage: the Struggle to Protect the “Protected”

[18/12/2010] Waste Much, Want Not: the feather-bedded public-sector avant gardists

[13/12/2010] An Appeal from Poland

[12/12/2010] The New Relativisms and the Death of “Authenticity”